Fake Miracles

I’ve heard of couples claiming to have had miracle babies. The narration of the so-called divine miracle often goes like this:

Our first baby was [very sick after birth/a miscarriage/stillborn/died after birth]. Doctors said we could not have any more babies. So we prayed to Jesus and he gave us another baby(s).

On closer examination, one would find that the mother had a Rhesus negative blood type, the Dad had a rhesus positive blood type, the first baby suffered from Erythroblastosis fetalis and the second baby was given Rho(D) Immune Globulin for its survival & health.

This is a classic case of faith taking all the credit for what science did.

Why do couples do it? Possible reasons include:

  1. To earn brownie points in the religious community. What more do you need than to show to your community that you are so pious/virtuous that you were capable of winning favors from none less than God himself?!
  2. To hide a secretly done Therapeutic abortion. The couple might have chosen to abort the fetus to save the life of the mother. But that would be considered evil by their religious community. So to mask that you would have to pretend that the second baby & what happened to the first was endorsed by God.

Source: My molecular genetics lectures at NUS.


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