Ravi Lies For Jesus Again

Here is a video analysis of yet another lie by Ravi: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyd6om8IC4M

In the video, Ravi narrates how he bested an atheist student in a debate. But the only problem is, in one narration this “fictional” debate takes place at Harvard. And in another narration the same “fictional” debate took place at University of Nottingham.


2 thoughts on “Ravi Lies For Jesus Again

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  2. It is possible that he mispoke and/or misremebered where the event took place on one occasion. It is also possible that it was two completely different events which took place, one at Harvard and one in Nottingham which were quite similar to one another and so both stories are told interchangeably in similar fashion when the opportunity for them to be told is presented him. These are two very plausible alternatives to your conclusion drawn from Ravi’s narration.

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