Made some time.

I got myself a mobile wordpress client so I might be able to find some time.

Still in the spirit of Atlas Shrugged these days. It is the way non-believers should be and the way great non-believers have always been. Except for Nietzsche of course. He went down the totally nihilistic path and became a bad example for all of us.

Non-believers like Gates, Buffet, Jobs, Venter and every other heroic soul who changed the world were right. Non-theism is not nihilism. There is great meaning and joy to be found in unbelief if people produce instead of slacking away in an arm chair. I’ve tried it. It is true.

Let me borrow the phrases from Andrew Ryan from Bioshock:

Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow? No says the man in Washington, it belongs to the needy. No says the man in Vatican, it belongs to God. No says the man in Moscow, it belongs to everyone. I rejected those answers.

I am the man who loves his life.


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