Islam is trying hard to look innocent.

While the religious leaders of Islam are out there trying to pass a binding resolution at the UN to end all freedom of speech against religion, an Islamic outreach program was here last week, trying to put up an innocent face.

They preached to a mostly Muslim choir (and me too), how Islam has all the cute progressive values like animal rights just like all other religions because the Hadeeth has stories about their prophet punishing people for being cruel to animals, and because the Suras of Quran are name after animals. They also narrated how their prophet loved the environment because he had Proper Nouns for his mostly used widgets around the house.

They also put up a Q & A session, which censored away questions about why the animals torture each other if their God wants animal rights, and they were also quick to ridicule other evidences about reality while being arrogant about their ignorance.

Still they managed to keep up a prettier face than usual with no mentioning of: female genital mutilation of Muslim girls in UK, or how that old woman got 40 lashes for getting food delivered home by an unrelated male, or the countless nonsenses clerics of their religion preach.

I think the truth about religion is simple: Religion is hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is bad because hypocrites lie to themselves about reality. I bet , when the chips are down, these pious hypocrites; they will eat each other! Because they have lied to themselves about what is moral and what is not, so many times, that they don’t know what it means to be human anymore.

Now there may come a time when they might win. One day I might just disappear.. They will get their laws passed and use their internal security acts to get rid of me. But ideas cannot be put away in secret prisons or tortured. It will be back.


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