Ravi Zacharias lies for Jesus on TV about Richard Dawkins

I think I have caught Ravi Zacharias red handed for lying for Jesus. In this video at 05:19, Ravi says:

I lecture at Oxford University three times a year, I am senior research fellow there, although I live in Atlanta, I go to Oxford and lecture there regularly. Richard Dawkins lectures out of there. And when I was there a couple of months ago, there was a lead article by him, asking actually for Oxford to consider not admitting students who believed in an intelligent designer as the source of creation.

So the claim he makes is:

  • Richard Dawkins wrote an article asking Oxford University to not grant admission to theists.

Here is how the claim is a big fat lie:

asked Richard whether the claim is true. And he has replied to my question.

Richard claims:

The statement by Ravi Zacharias that I wrote an article asking Oxford to ban students who believed in Intelligent Design is, of course, a lie. Yet more Lying for Jesus. I really believe they think that, because it is for Jesus, it is OK to lie.

and this:

Of course I have never asked Oxford University to deny admission to creationists. I have quoted the distinguished philosopher A J Ayer as saying to me, when I told him that I had a creationist student, “What’s gone wrong with our admissions procedure?” Ayer was, of course, joking, but there is a serious point here. NOBODY is ever going to print, in a book of rules, “Oxford University will not admit any creationist students” (although in past centuries exactly that kind of rule was on the statute books with respect to the wrong species of Christianity). Of course Ayer would never have advocated any such rule, and nor would I. However, I would hope that the admissions procedures of a great university, especially given that entrance is so competitive, would be sufficiently well-tailored to exclude people who are stupid or ignorant. And that would automatically exclude young earth creationists.

Regardless of whether you think Richard can be trusted, it is a fact that Richard has never written an article asking Oxford University to ban any type of students.

[Update: Ravi has been caught lying yet another time. Click here for evidence.]


One thought on “Ravi Zacharias lies for Jesus on TV about Richard Dawkins

  1. the real crime is Ravi claiming to be a “senior research fellow at Oxford University” by virtue of being a fellow at the private entity, the OCCA,, which has some relation with Wycliffe Hall, a private hall at Oxford U. Scandalous, really. And he gets away with it.

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