Thoughts about Conservative Morality

Been reading Bhagavat Gita lately using a word by word English translation. Right now somewhere by the Chapter 8 out of 18 Chapters.

It is mostly hogwash, but I am using it to try to understand the utilitarian reasons behind the conservative pillars of morality. There is something about the human lust for purity and human lust to adhere to duty regardless of consequences, that makes those qualities important for the greater good of our species. But they marinate it with so much hogwash, everywhere, in all sources of conservative morality, it is so hard to grasp the real utilitarian reasons.

I don’t think anyone can make a shift from being a liberal to a conservative. I like to think we are all born as either of the two. But I’ve forced to live the earlier part of my life as a strict conservative, by controlling the pleasures of the senses like what Pauline epistles had to say. (Just wondering, Did Paul get it from Gita/Buddha?)

I must say that way of life, trained me to defer the need for reward and stick to duty. I am unable to do that as a liberal i.e. as Dr. Hyde. This must be the utilitarian reason for conservatism. Perhaps some of our ancestors realized the need to balance the two types of urges. Excessive indulgence in pleasures of the senses, lack of sense of duty, will hinder progress of our species, by making all of us incapable of performing that which is necessary & basic.

On the other hand, a lack of openness to experience & lack of empathy (i.e. the liberal moral principles) will make our species incapable of exploration, discovery, experimentation & testing of our beliefs.

These two conflicting ideologies seem to drive our moral decisions.



One thought on “Thoughts about Conservative Morality

  1. I don’t think anyone can make a shift from being a liberal to a conservative.

    I think this might be true to an extent

    … but what about all the ex-hippies? Where are they now? Most of them aren’t smoking down and screwing in vans anymore, but have steady jobs and kids of their own by now who they don’t want smoking or screwing. They might not be conservatives, but they’ve definitely conservatized.

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