The Voodoo Doll

I am secretly grateful to Israel, because they act as the focal point of Islamic aggression. Take them out of the picture and the haters will start finding new things to hate. Like, India for instance. Had it not been for Israel, the Islamic extremists would start knowing that the whole of the western & eastern civilization is made up of infidels, and they would start blowing themselves up in our lands.

I am also secretly grateful to our world police – USA, because no one else cares about freedoms of the people more than they do. Agreed, they show some fascistic tendencies because of the Christian right, but as long as the good people keep letting the world know we exist, everything should be fine.

I am scared of the day, when the balance may get lost.

Imagine a world in which the Christian/Islamic right  had total power. Science/History would be skewed according their preconceptions. Nobody would bother to check whether a belief corresponds with reality through experimentation as long as it is consistent & complete. And people who do find truth through experimentation will be silenced, like what the Young Earth Creationists do during their conferences.


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