Human body worth more than $1,547,000

This one came up in the Metabolism & Regulation lectures.

  • 70 KG Male consumes 11,700kJ
  • Thermodynamic efficiency of pathways ~50%
  • 5,860kJ converted to ATP
  • Synthesis of 1 mole of ATP under cellular conditions requires ~50kJ
  • No of moles of ATP 5860/50 = 117
  • M wt of ATP (disodium salt) = 551g/mol (cost US$24 per g)
  • 117 moles = 64,467g of ATP (cost is > US$1,547,000)
  • Efficient recycling system of ATP/ADP; 50g of ATP in a 70kg adult.
  • Body must recycle 1300 times each day for each ATP molecule

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