Ending Terrorism

The first step to stop funding for terrorists is to stop relying on fossil fuels.

But hydrocarbon based fuels can’t be boycotted altogether. What else would our air traffic, trucks and pneumatic construction machines run on? There may be alternatives to such technology, but they are commercially viable yet. At least not for another 100 years. Besides that, solar cells are only less than 30% efficient.

I think the best solution for the next 100 years is microbe based fuels. Photosynthesis is near 100% efficient in solar energy storage. Pay a meager amount (in ATPs) off of that to some microbes and they will convert the remaining plant carbohydrates to hydrocarbons i.e. diesel & jet-fuel.

It speeds up carbon cycle, i.e. reduces atmospheric carbon and have sociological benefits like reduction of funding for terrorists.

This is not science fiction. Companies like Amyris Biotech are already making gallons of diesel & jet fuel. Oh and Stephen Chu is a big fan of microbial fuel.


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