Ideas Are Bulletproof

I’ve been reading books lately, or should I say, listening to them. And I have realized that, they are capable of expressing more than the movies. For example, I recently read a novelization of V for Vendetta. When I watched the movie after that, I found that it was a fast forwarded version of the book. It almost seemed as if all the crew was paid per hour and the producer wanted it cheap.

If there were more pauses in the dialogues, it would have been superb. Perhaps the artists weren’t good enough, or perhaps the director was a micromanager, wanting verbal emphasis and accent just the way he wanted and fast too. I really think Evey Hammond could have said “Are you.. like a crazy person?” with a lot more tune with a bit of English sarcastic accent. They should have really hired English actors to match the movie with the story line. Because I kept imagining English people while read the whole thing, and the movie did not feel very British.

Coming back to the issue of speed of storyline, I’ve seen this before with Harry Potter. Entire parts and thoughts were ripped away from the movie making it more of an extravaganza of special effects instead of a story. Perhaps this is true with all movies that are made from books.


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