Future of FOSS 2100 A.D.

It is a studio apartment that seems overgrown with technology. Weed-like cables coil everywhere, duct-taped into thickets that wind up and around the legs of several desks. Tabletops are filled with cannibalized equipment that lay open like an autopsied corpse. At the center of this technological rat-nest is RMS, a man who knows more about living inside a computer than outside one. He is asleep in front of his PC. Behind him, on the computer screen, a prompt appears:

$ ./maintain_all_software_in_the_universe.sh &
ERROR: Wake up, RMS!

RMS’ eye pries open. He sits up, one eye still closed, looking around, unsure of where he is. He notices the screen. He types “CTRL X” but the letter “I” appears.

RMS: What the hell..?

He hits another and an “A” appears. He keeps typing, pushing random functions and keys while the computer types
out a message as though it had a mind of its own.

He stops and stares at the ten words on the screen: “I AM GOING TO REPLACE YOU WITH A SHELL SCRIPT!”.


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