Four Legs Good, Two Legs Better

So I’ve finished Animal Farm by George Orwell. It is the best book I’ve read so far in my life. It is a small story, but the allegory is powerful. I had fun trying to figure out what each character is a parallel of. The sheep are the media for sure, Boxer is the hardworking lower class conservative who is ignorant about the fact that he is being manipulated, but in the end gets exemplified and  gets decorated posthumously as hero by the power-keepers. Benjamin is the silent liberal lower class worker who does not act/is to lazy to act, but observes and understands the real state of things. The cat is the opportunist, salesman and the conman reminds me of a friend Renjith Kumar/Bonny Babu. Squealer is the conservative spokesman from the government. “Napoleon the pig dictator” is the classic Republican, reminds me of my friend Manoj Xavier. Napoleon comes to power through grey means, and takes credit for other people’s hard-work. I hope to be “Snowball the pig dictator” but I might end up to become Benjamin.

The moral of the story is: Social/Economic classes is reality that we have to accept in society. Revolutions are long periods of great suffering when the middle class manipulates the lower class to promote the middle class into the upper class. It starts with the problem of rising expectations and lack of diligence in the upper class to keep the middle/lower happy. The only way to minimize suffering is to have endless supply of benevolent economic dictators in society. They should be a balance of conservative and liberal thought. They should set up mechanisms to avoid revolutions, and faciliate peaceful transfer of power when the newcomers want to overthrow the old.

Balance between conservatism and liberalism is the key for happiness in the long run.

The conservatives should not be laughed upon or neglected. They are as important as the liberals who promises to change society. In this sense, we atheists should not aim to end all religion. Instead we should focus on ending only those forms that are fascistic and chooses to actievely control the freedom of the individual by using fear, lies, discrimination, suffering and submission to other individuals.

We are in a century of imbalance between conservatism and liberalism. All around the world since 1975, the conservatives are becoming stronger. Back then Egyptian streets where filled with who women dressed casually, now they are filled with women under veils. Back then a lot of nations were, for all practical purposes, secular. Now we have those same nations upholding their favorite religion as the true religion and claims to have constitutional privileges for it. This excessive worldwide conservatism is an anomaly. Balance must be restored.


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