I’ve finished reading it. I did not quite get the last part. I understood Winston cracked, but what’s with the chestnut tree?

The dystopia Orwell describes is clearly possible, however such a system would only be a means to human extinction rather than human civilization. Because, reality has an unfortunate liberal bias (Stephen Colbert). If a country can’t produce enough food, there is no point manipulating the party’s previous predictions, people will still starve. Truth always jumps back and bites back even in the absence of human defenders.

This is why there is the concept of thought crime in Oceania. Thought crime in oceania is remarkably similar to certain types of sins preached at the child, teen indoctrination centers of Christian faith.

<!– Had to delete the rest in the interests of privacy –>


One thought on “1984

  1. “And then I will do whatever it takes to end human suffering and all fascistic forms of power in society.”

    You should opt for philosophy instead of bio-medicine; all human sufferings start in the mind.

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