As per my good friend‘s suggestion I have picked up 1984 for a read. I had in mind a book like what Cory Doctrow would write: about the perils of government surveillance. But that is just one aspect of it. In fact it is certainly possible for an Orwellian control to exist in the absence of perfect surveillance.

Cults are perfect example of that. It is hard to fully grasp the extent to which cults make Orwell’s ideas possible in a free world like ours, until one gets indoctrinated. They do everything except surveillance. Some good ones even do surveillance.

I certainly wish all people should, at least for once, experience the process of deconversion from a set of strongly held beliefs which they held until then solely because of fear of punishment, suffering or fear of ones own destruction, and to enjoy the resulting feeling of freedom and real awe and wonder at the face of truth.

However that is not practical. Therefore the next best thing I feel, is to fight all forces that aims to dehumanize people completely. But to keep just enough indoctrination and religiosity left in people’s minds so that they will not succumb collectively to the wills of something more sinister.

What I am trying to say is, if I die bloody rich, the trust I would set up would only actively curb lies & fallacies that are viral or has an evangelical zeal associated with it. But I will leave alone other beliefs and fallacies for people believe.


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