Managing Mood Swings

I love being alive unlike others who avoid failure by playing dead their only life. But the price I always pay for staying alive is the mood swing. It happens when I am under the burden of success or failure. It blinds me from thinking rationally. I have always tried control it and for the first time, I think I have figured out how to do it.

Controlling mood swings boils down to knowing the type of dope your brain produces. Dopamine is released when I approach something that is unfamiliar and difficult. Epinephrine is released when I take risks and work out hard. Both of them are like the felix felicis of the muggle world.

Here is how to use it: Think of all the times when people (including myself) were accepted, respected, praised and loved although they were louzers and not perfect. Do this for a while and then go make some dopamine and epinephrine inside your brain. Now you are ready. Go out and interact with people freely.

That should be it.


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