’s war on FDA, CDC & Big Pharma is an anti- vaccination, pro- pseudoscientific website, that failed to successfully propagandize their fallacies on the social bookmarking engines. So now they seem to be on an aggressive mission on Digg  to discredit the FDA, CDC & Big Pharma, so that they can use the resultant mistrust of the aforementioned organizations to push their hidden agenda. They portray FDA, CDC as pro- Bush so that they can propel anti- Bush sentiments against science. They have benign articles in between so as to not raise suspicion.

They also seem to have a propaganda army for making comments and voting up articles.

Here is my evidence for my above claims:

  • A search on Digg shows 645 articles from the website were submitted of which 30 made it to the front page. All of the articles that gained sufficient popularity, where submitted by 2 users, Bukowsky and insaincain02. Some of the articles which made blatant claims were successfully identified by the public as inaccurate. Whereas other articles were not identified by the public as propaganda. Often the articles have benign looking headings like “FDA: 90 Percent of U.S. Infant Formula May Contain Melamine” but in the article they go on to portray the organizations as evil.
  • Commenters like these, seem suspicious too.

Either all of these observations is plainly my paranoia of a decentralized phenomena that has no prime mover or there is indeed an aggressive effort by to publicize lies.

Either way I feel this effort is to resisted.


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