Hiding behind post-modernism

Unable to face the facts about reality, I often see the religious folk hiding behind post-modernism. The gist of post-modernism is cognitive relativism. It is a philosophy that claims the truth or falsity of a statement is relative to a social group or individual. It is the idea that “modern science is nothing more than a ‘myth’, a ‘narration’ or a ‘social construction’ among many others”.

It is well known that there are truths beyond the realms explored by science that are not only queerer than we can suppose but queerer than we can imagine. This is a scientific precept and not a post-modernist one. Science acknowledges its weaknesses and inabilities. However as mere humans we have to rely on evidence if we need to explore reality. This is well demonstrated in the modern law and court systems.

If post-modernists had their way, we would not be arresting criminals because no amount evidence would suffice. 

We do not claim for instance that Satan implanted all the evidence for a crime and delay judgment on the criminal with a theological debate on the existence of Satan. I am not saying the courts are perfect. There has been countless instances when the courts and the law failed to work. But the modern justice system is self correcting with the help of new lines evidence from forensics and with the help of democracy which ensures no powers are unchecked.

Science uses the same/better standards of evidence used by the courts to provide justice. There are times when science is wrong. But it corrects itself with time. Science relies on evidence just like the courts. And indeed there are truths Science can’t reach to yet just like there are types of justice courts can’t provide.

Just because courts can’t provide justice all the time do not mean we should practice lynching.

Similarly just because science can’t explore a certain truth does not mean we should rely on non-evidence based world-views.

P.S: “Queerer than we can suppose“ is a talk about the boundaries of what can be explored by science.


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