This is what the GOP will do with the bailout money

Initially they wanted to use the bailout money to buy out all the toxic bonds. Then they wanted it to give it to incompetent banks to make smart loans. Now they want to give it to the consumers.

OK, here is what is going to happen. The bailout money will be unallocated until Obama takes over in January. Then Obama will take the blame just like Franklin D. Roosevelt for not saving USA quickly enough and GOP will take credit for allocating the bailout money.

Henry Paulson said this: I’m angered by the things that got us here….It may make you angry, it makes me angry. When you ask about the taxpayers being on the hook, guess what? They’re already on the hook. They got put on the hook by the system we have, the system we all let happen, the system that Congress, the administration, future administrations, let exist….

GOP hopes that the people will forget that GOP brought up the bailout idea and hopes to transfer the blame onto the future administration.


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