My Bet On Energy

Energy is the big talk of the day and everybody has his/her own ideas and everybody seems to disagree with each other. Google is against clean coal and for geothermal. T. Boone Pickens is for Natural Gas and against batteries. Vinod Koshla is against traditional conservation and premature optimization. Obama is for clean coal. McCain is for nuclear. Pope is for solar. Everybody has numbers. Everybody can prove they are right.

One thing is sure. There is hell lot of money to be made. This is the chance to become the next Ambani.

So since all the big guys are making bets. The humble egomaniac has to make a bet too. I put my bet on synthetic & computational biology.

However unlike Amyris Biotech, I think we should engineer pathways that are more cheaper than their sucrose fed pathways. We need to hook our yeasts onto the most cheapest source of Carbon.

By cheapest I mean, it has to be cheapest per unit mass and should sort cut through a maximum number of edges on the carbon cycle.


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