Weapons of Mass Deception

I don’t usually like conspiracies because most of it do not provide evidence for their case but instead rely on a lack of evidence for their case. But there is evidence now  that Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction. There is also evidence that the media did not conduct independent investigations to confirm the claims from the governments.

I am watching a documentary now by an Emmy award winning independent journalist about the failings of media during war coverage. I think it is good.

I’ve realized somethings as I watch this. Media can become a private military organization.

Hopefully, with the advent of Web 2.0 we can end this once and for all. I can see why the ISPs would want to end neutrality of the Internet. What I am truly amazed is how the fascistic forces of society unite without a leader for ultimately serving their common cause i.e. to slowly eat up the freedoms of a progressive society.


2 thoughts on “Weapons of Mass Deception

  1. I would not consider that Iraq having had no WMD was a conspiracy but a fact. I think it was considered a conspiracy theory for only a while. As you said, it is, by now, a well-accepted fact.

    What about 911? There is a theory going around that it was orchestrated by the leadership of her own country. I find the details of that theory rather convincing, and find it hard to explain away all the evidence behind that theory.

  2. I believe 9-11 Conspiracy theorists has no evidence to back up their cases. Because every argument they make have made has been debunked with evidence against their case.

    There has been a lot of scientific studies on whether the planes did indeed bring the towers down.

    You might want to have a look at this site for the arguments against 9-11 Conspiracy theorists: Link

    Peer Reviewed Studies: Link
    Videos: Link

    There are other sites too. Make sure you google them.

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