How mainstream religions might help mankind

Modern religions seem to be capable of immunizing minds against more sinister cults.

A liberal mind is open to experiences and what most of them believe is that seeing or listening something cannot take control of you. Therefore they go out to experience everything.

However, my own personal experience is that, there are ways to reduce autonomy of a mind by letting it see and listen to things. And it really does work on any mind. If you think your mind is macho and immune to influence, you are wrong. From what I have experienced, there are ways to control anyone against the wishes, no matter how much mentally tough he or she is.

Some things I’ve experienced are:

  • Sleep deprivation: Its called a Night Vigil.
  • Pattern breaking: This is complicated. Cannot put this one in words.
  • Group coercion: They put yourself in the midst of a group all of whom wants you to convert, confess.
  • Confession: No not the Catholic one. Although that is one too.
  • Fear: They tell you what happens to the unbeliever, or what happened to somebody who rebelled or hid truths about them.
  • Urgency: They tell you how there is not much time left.. Times running out.
  • Rebuke: They rebuke you
  • Consolation: They console you.
  • Imprisonment: They won’t let you leave the HQ. You must stay within a geographical area and must take company if you must leave.
  • Chanting: Say meaningless things repeatedly.
  • Loud sounds
  • They ask you to do meaningless things.
  • There is a pecking order of piety that anyone can climb and be better than others in the group or to be more accepted. But the truth is you never get to be better than the leaders. You are always second class to them.

But modern religions are somehow a weak version of the virus. They can preserve human autonomy to an extent while preventing people from getting indoctrinated by more evil cults.


2 thoughts on “How mainstream religions might help mankind

  1. Pattern breaking? gimme an eg.
    Imprisonment?? really, i thought if you are an adult you are free to leave any time you wish to…
    They ask you to do meaningless things? eg?

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