Ways to be happy

Early this year, one morning, I was taking a run outside my campus amidst nice rich people’s bungalows and something just blew on me: They don’t know they have everything. I do not mean to say they are always hungry for more. But they don’t know they have have it! That’s really cool! So nowadays, when I eat, I enjoy every moment of it, when I listen to music I hear every bit. It is really beautiful when you do that.

I remember another dawn not a long time ago. I had not slept the previous night. I was tired and I walked out staring at the skies and I close my eyes and I could actually feel like I was on a huge sphere turning towards the sun. The joy, humility and awe of being so small and yet intricate amongst everything was so wonderful.

One night when I was falling asleep after a bad migraine, I thought about old age and death and something struck me: the Gods envy us! I mean the whole universe envies us! I know it sounds really cool and proverby but I really felt it. We would stop being and relax forever and everything else must keep going on. I have woken into this dream from my eternal rest into this little wet dream (LOL!) and soon this would end.. mmmm .. I love this dream. I will enjoy every moment of it…

Later today I learned once again that we are very rare and lucky. The right sperm and the right egg. I bet there was a guy in that vastness who was way more intelligent, healthy and worthy to live than me! But he did not make it… HAHA YEAH! I WON! I exist! How dare we whine about this life when the vast majority have never woken up from that eternal slumber.


3 thoughts on “Ways to be happy

  1. Very inspiring, and what I’m always reminding myself; to be grateful for everything.

    “They don’t know they have everything”. Good.

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