Blast This

Heard this in a podcast.

BLAST this sequence: atgttcc tgtccttccc caccaccaag acctacttcc cgcacttcga cctgagccac ggctctgccc aggttaaggg ccacggcaag aaggtggccg acgcgctgac caacgccgtg gcgcacgtgg acgacatgcc caacgcgctg tccgccctga gcgacctgca cgcgcacaag cttcgggtgg acccggtcaa cttcaagctc ctaa

Instructions: Copy and Paste the DNA sequence into the query window, and hit the blast button. Try again selecting the non-human, non-mouse database from the drop down menu. What organism is the exact same gene found in? WTF?

I am getting that house mosquitoes and us share this same gene. We use it to make haemoglobin but mosquitoes use it for tissue control, whatever that means. May be they do an alternative splicing to make a different protein?

Nature has excellent code reuse. Better than most Microsoft, Adobe programmers. LOL!


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