Prophet Peter Schiff

Peter Schiff is a prophet economist who prophesied the current economic situation 10 years ago. And he seems to have made another prophecy; that things will get so bad that a large portion of the US population will not be able to heat their homes or buy the food they need.

I believe him.

Peter Schiff is my favorite economist now.

Wish there was religion he started.. I would have joined that LOL!


6 thoughts on “Prophet Peter Schiff

  1. Lol! yeah I believe him. But past successful predictions don’t mean he is right now.

    He is right about US dollar falling in value. Some businesses will default on the bailout money they received from the government, and so the government will need to print more money to compensate and the value of US dollar will fall.

    Singapore’s national debt is 100% of GDP which is not a good sign, but it has a very good credit rating. Besides Singapore government lends/invests money to US and many other countries. So may be nothing will go wrong.

    • You are not reading the 100% D/ GDP number right. The government never needed to issue debt to finance its activities. This is issued to create a risk free yield curve in Singapore for other assets to be priced off of. The actual debt is owned mostly by the Singapore governments national retirement system so the liabilities are offset by an asset.

  2. “Wish there was religion he started.. I would have joined that LOL!”

    I think the reason you should like Peter Schiff is exactly the same reason that he hasn’t started a religion. Because he believes in logic – not fairy-tales.

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