Nature of Freewill

Upon deep meditation about the most holy mysteries of The Proof of Turing’s Halting Problem, I have come to the conclusion that wtf(i) as defined in the one of the previous posts is the nature of freewill. And h(a,i) is the nature of foresight.

Those two are in a perpetual pissing contest with each other. Always trying to one up the other.

A new h(a,i) that can handle a wider set of inputs than its previous version is always being formulated in our minds as a response to experiences we have (i.e. using some kindaf Machine Learning equivalent). But after a new h(a,i) is formulated an equivalent wtf(i) is formulated automatically. This isn’t a big deal; all that has to be done is to contradict h(a,i).

So freewill can be created in a mechanical fashion once foresight is created using a learning process.


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