Defending Reality

Who would have thought that reality would need defenders?

I am a bit pessimistic now. I think sooner or later, creationism will be taught in pre- university education all around the world. People are just waiting for US & UK to make the first step for mankind, backwards.

Creationists & IDists are everywhere. Just recently, I read a blog by a creationist in NUS, my university. He was studying life sciences (like me) and had better grades than I do, because the system cannot grade people based on their acceptance of reality.

As modern economy gets more and more based on technology, results that where derived using the scientific method will become mere rules of thumb.

I can easily see signs of that happening in my classes. Microbiology protocols have become rules of thumb. Nobody wants to know how they found it to be true. Examinations grade people who are better at manipulations using rules of thumb.

Teach the controversy is a noble principle except of course one must ask, why evolution? And why high school education?


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