My First Post On American Politics

I am not American, so don’t take me seriously. I don’t know enough about what is really happening in that country.

Given the ease with which people “can” rip apart potential VP Sarah Palin and given that the mainstream media pretends not to know anything bad about Sarah Palin, while the Internet is flooding with totally absurd things she did, makes it look as though something is not right.

It is scarily similar to a scenario John Grisham narrated in his book The Appeal. In the story, the bad guys set up a Obviously A. Villain type candidate against the good guy. He was meant to loose from the beginning. He had an unfavorable background, and he deliberately got himself into situations where he could be ripped apart.

I think the Republicans already know they are not going to make it this time. They are going to make it easy for the opposite side. They are getting ready for the period of actual governance by the Democrats, during which they will give them a bad image. So that they can come back after 4 years.

Republicans are going to let the people have the celebrity they want as a president. And laugh at every mistake Obama makes.


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