Bart D. Ehrman is an undercover Christian

It  is my  own paranoia.  Here
are  things  I remember  about
him that is suspicious:
1. He has  a suspicious way of
defining his  worldview on the
media. e.g. On Colbert Show he
calls  himself  agnostic  with
a  very  weird body  language.
On   further  questioning   by
Colbert  he  said  in  a  more
awkward   manner   he  is   an
atheist-without-balls, so that
people  would assume  that the
weird   body  language   while
talking about  his agnosticism
was  because he  was a  closet
atheist.   But  I   think  the
second  cover  up act  was  to
prevent  from  people  finding
out his real world view, which
is  in  fact  pro-  Christian.
If  he  is   lying  about  his
agnosticism/atheism, I  bet he
justifies   his  pretense   by
resorting  to something  along
the lines  of how he  is doing
it  for  the final  good  i.e.
win more  souls for  christ OR
defame atheism.
2. On the Infidel Guy podcast,
he  got into  a little  debate
with  the   host  and  claimed
that  the New  Testament jesus
was   historical.  He   argued
this  in  a way  that  sounded
very  much  like  a  Christian
apologist  i.e.   by  shifting
the  argument to  whether Paul
really  wrote   the  Galatians
(Paul claims he  met James the
brother of Jesus). But in fact
host  was  asking whether  the
gospel legends  of Jesus where
3.  In   his  book  Misquoting
Jesus,  he  gives  tools  that
can   be  used   by  Christian
apologists    against   claims
made   by   atheists   against
Christianity. For  example, he
says  verses  that deny  equal
rights  for  women  (which  is
used  by  us  atheists  as  an
example  of  lack of  morality
in  the  New Testament)  where
added later by scribes who had
different  agenda and  was not
part of the  original text. It
is easy  to see  how Christian
apologists will later use this
argument  from   an  "atheist"
in  their  favor claiming  the
original text of New Testament
was   divinely  inspired.   In
conclusion,  he  is making  it
easy for the  opposite side by
working  from  within. I  know
this is plainly paranoia.

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