Too Many Things To Do

  1. Find the real mechanism behind protein folding. There has to be one because they always fold into the same shape. Consider quantum tunneling.
  2. Write a general purpose compiler that generates initial states of a cellular automata. And possibly let it pick the best cellular automata.
  3. Simulate 1. with 2. and generate a database of all proteins in earthly biology, with potential to translate non-existent genes in a few seconds.
  4. Sell the database to pharmaceutical companies.
  5. Work on protein-protein interaction, and genotype-to-phenotype simulations in the same way.
  6. Keep churning out new better medicines faster than other pharmaceuticals.
  7. End human suffering.
  8. Meanwhile, fund a massive counter apologetics program to transform current religions into ones that are conducive to scientific progress.

Update: Reading this list after a few minutes gives me different perspectieves: 1. that of a foolishly arrogant ambitious dreamer whom everyone would silently enjoy watching dig his own hole. 2. given humanity’s pretentions and delibrate ignorance, I don’t think the human condition is worth improving. It would have been better if they remained scared of falling off the edge of their planet, and burned their women for victimless crimes.


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