Sun Tzu Never Said This

Sun Tzu said this. Sun Tzu said that. Sometimes I get tired of The Art Of War when people apply it everywhere.

I think there is a very fundamental pattern, Sun Tzu failed to state.

Every Sun Tzu strategy for victory can only be applied if every player wants the outcomes from the same domain.

What if they want different things? USA wants democracy but Al Qaeda wants to go to heaven. FOSS geeks want freedom/recognition but Microsoft wants money.

Consider a payoff matrix as shown below, and assume that both players play repeatedly accumulating upon previously gained outcomes, and that both players are trying to maximize their profit:All of his strategies assume both players share the same type of payoffs for the choices they make. In the figure above both players want more points. What if one of them is after binary states which do not have a well defined degree to maximize upon?What if one of them is after outcomes that oscillate between phases as he/she tries to maximize? ( Ans. Will need payoffs in the complex number domain and each outcome for that player will need to be multiplied with the current phase in which the game is in which is represented as another complex number).

What if they are after different types of payoffs which can independently be maximized? (Ans. might need to use a payoffs in the higher dimensional spaces, which are to be maximized on their basis vectors)


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