Massive New Study

A massive new study in Science journal says girls are equal to boys at math. I agree with that. In fact, I think girls are equal to boys at many things.

But here is the paradox: There are more male nobel laureates, male fields medalists, male artists, male composers, male sculptors, male engineers etc.

I am not making any judgement here. But this seems to show something contrary to what the study is thought to say. I guess the study is specific, i.e. intended just for making conclusions about schoolchildren.

Perhaps there is a diversion later on in their development. Or perhaps there is an involuntary bias to recognize male achievement in the society.


3 thoughts on “Massive New Study

  1. the study says that girls and boys are equal, but what happened is that western society (and others as well) have been so patriarchal for so long that Women have had a hard time breaking into places. Even David Lee Roth, the womanizing lead singer of van halen, recognized that there should be more women rockers. What happens is parents try to steer their girls away from that lifestyle because of some sexism, though boys are obviously made to be immoral drug-taking guitar players. I used to think that I wasn’t a big fan of female musicians in the pop/rock world, but I realized that their suck/awesome rate is the same as men, but their numbers are smaller so there’s less of a pool for me to judge on.

    If I can’t even name one female guitarist off the top of my head other than Avril Lavigne (and she just makes easy pop tunes), how am I even going to be able to say that women are worse? They never even got the chance.

  2. Also, I’ve been reading about this somewhere else, and it turns out that boys have a higher distribution range, so there are more ridiculously bright and awesomely stupid boys than girls.

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