All over the world, observations I made about culture after culture shows the same thing. Sometime from ~1975 humanity gradually became more and more religious. Fundamentalist religion became prevalent. I do not know what has caused it. But this is a pattern for sure. And patterns mean things.

Another remarkable feature is the similarities I see between the 2 big religions: Christianity & Islam. Interesting parallels seem to emerge. Wahabbism goes with Protestantism. Shia & Sufi goes with the Catholics & the Orthodox faiths.

What governs all of this? (Im)Possibilities:

  • It is cylical. A complicated memetic mechanics makes this happen over and over again.
  • It is intelligent. Some kind of higher intelligence is in control. It has an agenda.
  • It is caused. World War II/Baby Boomers/Sex Revolution/Excessive Liberalism/Political Istability/ led to excessive religiosity.

One thought on “1975

  1. that last one makes sense in the US/N. America. The 60’s led to more people than normal being exposed to drugs that can cause addiction, and then evangelicals started going after them to convert. Also, the failure of the 60’s was increasing greed, and religion expanded to convince people that this was all still ok.
    I dunno, but either way that last one is for sure pretty solid sounding.

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