Advice To My Fellow Unbelievers

Cognitive dissonance works better than ridicule. Nobody is going to win converts by desecrating the Eucharist, or by ridiculing believers as incompetent. Back when I was a believer, that is what kept me from converting.

Where were the arguments, contradictions then? Did my fellow unbelievers even know such arguments existed? All they focused on was to ridicule and belittle my self-esteem which was already at rock bottom levels, thanks to guilt from sin.

Now I am saved into the holy unbelief, and I find my fellow men doing the same lame strategy. No wonder why it took Dawkins et al, to bring unbelieving population back to normal levels.


2 thoughts on “Advice To My Fellow Unbelievers

  1. Err… Did I ever “ridicule” and “belittle” your “self-esteem” back when you were a “believer”?

    As I see it, I don’t talk religion to people, except with people who I am close to, and that too only mostly on an intellectual level, for exchanging ideas. So if you ever felt that I “ridiculed” you as “incompetent” or something like that, then I am very very sorry, I was just engaging in intellectual conversations with someone very intelligent. (I always knew you were far too intelligent to be a religious, your religiosity always seemed very strange to me.)

  2. Remember that time we went to write SAT I? And that debate we had was at times a bit ridiculous I think.

    Besides that I had an atheist (not agnostic) friend in Assisi and he was an atheist for a very long time. He never knew what it is like to believe in false things. He was very ridiculing of sorts without giving any solid arguments.

    Then there was Dony in MTPS whom I knew in Greets too. He was very ridiculing too. But I don’t think Dony will be able to handle the teleological argument.

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