Criticism of Religion

I would respect Christianity more, and theism as a whole more, if all sects were Modernist, that is: acknowledged the ludicrousness of the proposition that a hyper-genius who conjured the atom out of nothing then went on to play the human, dysfunctional game of “see what you made me do” with thorns, thistles and an expression of a weakness for roast lamb.

My Christian upbringing alienated me from my family as they kept on clinging to the collection, Genesis to Revelation, of Judeo-Christian books mixing history with superstition, and I saw through thorn-caster and through the superstition that an innocent must die in order to placate a boss guy in the sky.

If our animal consciousness does indeed abide when the brain dies it is a natural phenomenon one can be sure. There is no need for the terror which believers feel that they may be condemned to a life not only forced to learn how to play the harp, but also obliged to praise effusively a beastly ego-tripper and poseur who is able to end all suffering (disease, predation, cruelty, you name it) at a flicker, but intent upon an alternative program of preposterous ritual and unnecessary delay.

I am glad that it is Christianity that is growing, with its allowance of secular government and free thought, plus its Judeo-Protestant-Humanist Work Ethic and free-enterprise economy, rather a certain other certaintist faith which it is dangerous to even name, let alone defame.


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