A Speculation About The Evolution Of Religion

It could be possible that individuals who had the mental faculty for staving off their existential anxiety (arising from Existential Crisis), suffered less from anxiety related diseases and thus outperformed the reality huggers.

A detailed study of the prevalence of existential anxiety in atheists is required. One cannot rely on their subjective accounts. A more reliable evidence using some type of brain imaging should be used instead.


One thought on “A Speculation About The Evolution Of Religion

  1. I’m much more existentially happy now that I’m an atheist. Before, I worried about where god was going to put the billions of dead souls and animal souls, where the hell hell was, where heaven was, why god would damn bad people, if I was even following the right god, what about other galaxies, universes, aliens, plus the fact that every other day I was rejecting more and more of the bible as scientifically wrong, or ridiculous, I was worried that church leaders were ruining god’s word, etc etc. Now I see it all as humanity.
    Now if only I could be happier as a liberal too…

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