My Thoughts On Politics

Can one man win against the world’s shrewdness? The key is to realize that, there isn’t world full of people who know the real situation we are all in. There are only a handful of people with a widespread knowledge of reality. The rest of them are specialists with their own petty little individual ambitions and others with very little interest in relevant issues of current times.

I’ve only realized it recently that I need a file on everyone. Notes about their intentions and what drives them. The secret to making these notes is what Seraph in The Matrix Reloaded said: “You do not truly know someone until you fight them.”. I do not mean Kung Fu. Give them little things to reciprocate about. It can be good or bad. And see how they respond. I am pretty sure that information will scale linearly into more relevant situations.

It is important to have a sound bite or a one liner as the final goal I need in life. This will help me compare every decision I make to the “hashed” version of the most right thing to do.


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