New Atheism Is Making People Think

I am delighted to see Operation New Atheism has worked well enough to remove most of the absurdities in human thinking. It was only a while ago that I remember the whole world was ready to believe anything. Now I am glad to see that people are questioning everything.

Even people who still stick to their faiths have become moderate, and practice religion for admirable reasons like the need for social status and a feeling of moral superiority compared to their peers.

These people have started to contemplate about human suffering and how God seems to help/smite “others” but not themselves. I see this as a good sign…

Of course there are very loud fringe groups who want to make it look as if they are the mainstream. But they are obviously not going to last for long. They are going to fade away from public perception once their predictions fail systematically.

But the basic memes will remain. Which is why it is essential to have multiple memes competing for a space in the human mind, although this might seem a bit dangerous with all the weapons we own. I think as long as we tempt mankind with a future paradise on earth, they will think twice before blowing this place up.


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