The Appeal – a proper review

I am very satisfied with John Grisham’s novel – The Appeal which sheds light on the sophisticated nature of American politics and right wing tactics. It is better than Runaway Jury, in that deals with a much larger picture with greater resolution.

Spoiler starts here

The story starts of where most stories end – a verdict against a large corporation by a jury. The case goes to appeal in a higher court with no jury but instead with 9 elected judges. The corporation uses political strategies similar to the ones used by President Bush in the last election, to elect a pro- business judge. The rest is up to you read on your own.

Spoiler ends here

The story raises our consciousness to many grey areas in politics. One of the most striking ones was the use pastors and christian preachers to control democracy. This is similar to what George Bush did in his elections. I have a very strong suspicion that Pastor Ted Haggard is symbolically mentioned in the novel as the fundamentalist Pastor Ted.


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