The Appeal

I am reading The Appeal by John Grisham these days. I must say Grisham is a legal genius. He can imagine everything from the big picture down right to the petty details that drive individual ambitions of everyone in the plot.

And he leads his readers up and down on that ladder effortlessly without letting lesser mortals like me lose track of the situation. The story is long. It can very well be described as a perfect narration of a domino effect in legal world. A small decision that triggers events that change the course of history.

I wouldn’t have any second thoughts on paying Grisham as a legal advisor for my not-yet-formed company.

Wish I could write like he does. I’ve had lots of stories to tell too. Pity I don’t have enough imagination to describe the details like he does.


2 thoughts on “The Appeal

  1. I’m reading it too! I love it. My law teacher recommended Grisham to my class a few months ago. I read The Last Juror prior to this, it’s different but well worth a read. So far, however, I’m preferring The Appeal.

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