Church Visit

I had gone to the newly rebuilt airconditioned Church of the Holy Cross last Sunday at Clementi Avenue 1 for the evening mass. I walked in during a sermon in which the priest rebuked my fellow parishioners a lot for the way the attend the mass. I don’t remember everything, but he did comment on the following points:

  • Dresscode: The engineer of the 156 billion light year wide universe cares a lot about what fraction of a tiny dot are covered from direct exposure to light. And he(?) is annoyed when it is not covered enough.
  • Ayemen vs Ahmen: He(?) who knows the theory of everything and all of its predictions doesn’t understand wrong pronunciations and western accents.
  • No one shouldn’t leave the church before the last hymn by the choir is finished:  Distances matter, even for an omnipresent being.
The rest of the mass was funny too. I liked the part where the celebrant asked us to raise up our hands, which I thought where purely arbitrary. I could imagine (like HG2G) a church in another part of the universe where they would raise their legs to point perpendicular to axial plane of rotation of their planet.

Update at Jun 1 3:43 PM: Christians who disagree with this post please check out 1 Samuel 16:7. This verse flashed into my memory when I was commenting on a couple of blogs.

One thought on “Church Visit

  1. I agree entirely that God looks at the heart. Absolutely. I agree with you wholeheartedly that God doesn’t care about how we dress, when we leave church, how we pronounce different words. In all, God looks at the intentions of our hearts when we pray, when we speak with others, when we DO things for others (if its for our own recognition or just to serve them).

    You are right, some people don’t sift well. I haven’t sifted well on many occasions and resisted what God is doing. But again, He looks at the heart. He knew Judas’ heart and Peter’s heart. Their intentions were totally different.

    God doesn’t always prevent bad things from happening. I don’t know why. But bad things to happen to innocent people. Tornados, infections disease, hurricanes. If you look back to the beginning of Genesis when the first people made the choice to do something against God’s will, their wrong choice affected not only human kind, but creation as well. The natural universe was created to be perfect and work in harmony. It wasn’t created to be tilled and plowed and worked to produce food for us, it was created to naturally provide every need, and we were designed to be care takers of it.

    My belief is that God allows us, all of us, Christians and non-Christians alike the privilege of free will. The opportunity to make our own choices, to follow God or not, to be a “good” person or not. If you read my blog, I am trying to be transparent about where I am at. Not that I am perfect… far from it. The first people on earth were created with that free will as well. They made a bad choice, and part of free will, is that God may forgive, if you ask for forgiveness, however He doesn’t always take away the consequences of our choices.

    The consequences of the choice to go against God’s will was the “ruining” of the perfect world God made. Including malaria, etc. It doesn’t seem fair, and I am not saying that it should be. I may never know until I see God face to face why certain things happen… and I may never know even then.. why God might allow one person to live while millions of children are dying from some disease they can’t prevent. But aren’t we called then to do our best to be His hands and feet to help those in distress and need? I think so. I don’t do it perfectly. I don’t think anyone can. But I desire to be used by God to speak into other’s lives, and that is what I hope comes through in my blog.

    This comment is getting longer than I intended, but I couldn’t leave it until later in the day. The only thing that makes on person deserve hell and another not, is their ultimate rejection of the offer of forgiveness that is represented in Jesus. Judas, by his actions, and in his heart (because Jesus knew his heart) rejected Jesus. Who knows, does it say in the bible that Judas went to hell? (I would have to look it up to see) Maybe, in the end, though he made wrong choices and didn’t sift well, in his heart he repented and asked for forgiveness… Jesus doesn’t deny that forgiveness to those who repent and ask for it… ask for Him to fill them and help them do better.

    As I said, I don’t sift well. I could recount numerous times where I have completely gone and done the exact opposite of what God wanted. Yet, ultimately I come back, ask for forgiveness and try again.

    I don’t know if I answered any of your questions from your comment on my blog, but I at least wanted you to know that I appreciate your coming over, and being willing to ask tough questions. I hope and pray that nothing I have said has offended you. I just wanted to try at least to answer from my perspective.

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