I know a great shortcut through the Carbon Cycle

I like to think private transportation will become a luxury by next year at 10$ a gallon in the US. Blame it on the weakened USD or whatever, but it is undeniable that we are running out of oil. Oil is the fruit of the > 90% efficient hard-labour by plants and microorganisms which have been storing solar energy for billions of years just for spending it on the last 200 years of renaissance of our species. Everything we do from electricity, transportation, google, linux, medicines, textiles to plastics depend on oil.

Academic people are busy pretending to do science that gets them a PhD. Did you know that, biologists never wanted to publish 6 million genes in one article of Science? They still don’t. They love to brood over discovery a little bit by bit, making it happen at astonishingly slow rates. Being here at the centre of it all, I can say is that I don’t see any breakthroughs that really matters. People who dream like  Dr. George Church and Dr. Craig Venter are considered unmatchable in audacity.

A harvard professor recently bragged to me about how his student (from Computational Biology) got a fellowship at some Ivy League after he got an A at a level 5 (PhD level) module he took as part of an exchange program. It is all about prestige. Nobody cares about solving problems faced by our species. 

Add to this the massive rise of misinformation and superstition. Time wasted defending existing thesises. Government grant cuts and restrictions where real money & freedom is needed.

If it were not for the above listed problems I would be happily hacking away in a FOSS project. But the incompetence of humanity (mine included) calls for my contributions to the solution.

Hmm.. Here are my wishes. I want a heme based carbon dioxide sequestration technique that assimilates  CO_2 faster than the oceans and feed it without storage to symbiotic colony of high yield methanogens and another organism (I havent figured out yet) to make methane from carbon dioxide.

That way we can make the ecology traverse a shortcut through the carbon cycle and supplement our dependence on fossil fuel.



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