New Patterns To Remember

I’ve learnt some new things. Nothing can achieve it’s most desirable state directly in this universe. Nothing can always achieve it’s most desirable state indirectly in this universe. That is how it is set up to work. Accepting that happily is the secret to happiness. Accepting it sadly can get you killed. Important corollaries include the inability to have a long term relationship with someone you choose. So beware when you accept that sadly because that can get you to become freaking non-existent which is a bad idea.

Although people think the optimal strategy therefore is not to have any desirable state in mind the actual  optimal strategy is to start trying to achieve the most desirable state directly and then move on to second choices as long as you have second choices. For example, the first college you apply to, should be the best college anyone can apply to. Most probably you will get rejected, and then you take alternate routes to a similar fate. Rejection/Failure should be accepted happily or it can get you killed.

In a situation where second choices don’t exist, the rules are well defined, competition is extreme and barrier of entry low always choose the second choice.

Tunneling is possible. That is, the alternate route to the similar fate can involve some undesirable states. So be prepared to accept that happily. Accepting that sadly can get you killed. And getting killed is a bad a idea.

Being in an undesirable state in the midst of a tunnel doesn’t always mean you are guaranteed to see the other end.

Happiness cannot be achieved when there are no purposes. Stress is bad too. So take vacations and remember to come back to the purpose.

Always look for patterns. In other words, always keep the Stevian dots connected while new dots appear. Always look for understanding. All truths can be accepted happily. Accepting truths sadly can get you killed.


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