Quantum Biology

It now seems Quantum phenomena has a lot to do with Biological processes than previously thought. Certain bonds called the low barrier hydrogen bonds exist in biochemical processes that lead to hydrogen tunneling which help catalyze certain reactions which are otherwise impossible.

The recently dugg arXiv preprint on natural bird navigation using Quantum Zeno effect is yet another example of Quantum absurdities encroaching into matters comprehensible for our brains that were evolved to think “Classically”.

It seems artifacts that were discovered by evolution to facilitate life are hid right on the fabric of reality.

Universe really looks a thing hard-coded for life. But why is it so? My evolved mind needs stories to tell myself to get rid of the burden of agnosticism. But Occam’s Razor doesn’t make me hypothesize unnecessarily complex realties that fit no evidence.

I am going to be pleasantly baffled if consciousness gets broken down to include these absurd phenomena as primary cause.


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