I had a really spiritual experience today while studying enzyme catalysis mechanisms. The feeling of everything that is me and what is out there… all those events happening in high entropy but yet with a hell lot of determinism.

I thought about the absence of God, and how well it fits to the wonder and awe I see in the universe contrasted with total indifference of the universe to our struggles for survival. I reflected about the total arrogance of the religious, in claiming to know everything about someone so complex and hence improbable.. and claiming that, that somebody is so emotionally sensitive to our blasphemies like a little kid and needs tax-exempt pocket money to buy lightning rods that stop his random wrath from hitting his extravagant buildings.

Now is all we have and it will all be forgotten soon. The joy and oneness I experience now is from from study of what can be verified from evidence. It better evidence that what we used to punish people with death.

Exams are next week.


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