Lessons Learnt

  1. Creativity doesn’t happen during meetings.
  2. Meetings are to convince team members about decisions made before the meeting by each member to every other member.
  3. Democracy evolves out of Dictatorship. Always start off being a benevolent dictator and gradually become the steward of your team while they start to take control.
  4. Cats are impossible to herd. Never hire cats. Cats dislike benevolent dictatorship. An incompetent cat is extremely dangerous.
  5. Pretentious people must be avoided at all cost.
  6. Each team must be led until democracy evolves in it. And then the leader must move on to lead another team.
  7. ex- local ‘A’ level local university graduates of pure sciences or business schools (not sure) who live with their parents must not be hired.
  8. Polytechnic pure sciences graduates with demonstrated practical abilities must be hired.
  9. A PhD should be hired only when there is a demonstrated need for it. They should not be like people described in 7.
  10. Religious fanatics must not be hired. They have not matured enough.
  11. Brown people rarely fit the above criteria.
  12. Malaysians can be hired as long as they are not political or covertly so.
  13. People who are bothered about accents must be avoided. Accents can be simulated. An accent bothered person can be recognized by looking at the amount of real information conveyed while he/she is talking.
  14. Beautiful girls should asked in detail about the practical experience they claim. It could be possible that they accomplished it with help.
  15. Make personality profiles of every employee. As the company gets bigger, personality profiles must be collected using algorithmic means using covert testing mechanisms. An entire personality profile database complete with the photo of the person and detailed searchable reports must be contained and constantly analysed while making a team.

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