A Brief History Of My Agnosticism

I went from Agnostic to Atheism by virtue of realizing that atheists are keenly aware that our lives is a one-shot deal. It should be embraced and improved for all fellow travelers on this brief trip. That would negate flying planes into buildings and holding bigotry and zelotry as a sanctioned outcome from religion. That’s when I made the leap anyway. That and I’m kind of big on empirical methods. The idea that something is above testing or debate of any kind is beyond fathomable. Besides being a waste of time, money and resources – it’s just myopic and takes away from appreciating what you have for it’s brief and short and beautiful lifespan. The rest is just social biology in terms of morals. The golden rule applies double when you’ve got one shot at the program. Plus any social animal will only survive from the power of the group and certainly one can always do better if you play well with others than attack everyone else.


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