I am not easy, but I am still human.

I do not like it when I am considered naive. But I play along to see how far it goes. Sometimes I make it easy for the cat to find the ball, because I have more important ones hid far deep within. Some take pride in making me fall for something everyone would fall for. They lie to me, as if I wouldn’t know. They dodge direct questions, break patterns. They try to send me thinking about the underlying meanings of their meaningless words, hoping to confuse me. But little do they know, I have seen most of it. I am not immune to brainwashing, but I know that. I know there are buttons that can be pressed within me that can release powerful emotions that can make me act irrationally and uncivilized. What can I say, I am only human. If there is a reason why I like play naive, it is because I want people to be easy around me. I want them to be free to discuss about everything from the forced blow-job they had to suffer giving their husband to the little evil that lurks in their mind. And they do discuss such things with me. For those who do not, I can be sure they are like me, and those are the people I must be more naive for. It is OK if they don’t crack, time can crack anything.


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