The End of Science

There is so much happening, so hard to type it all. So I figured I must write about what is important. I am not important. The universe doesn’t owe me anything just because of the way I am.The intelligent design movement is growing in power through churches and public education. They do not see any need for a disguise. And with the advent of the internet, memes evolve really fast. People are getting paid to find answers in the genesis. They impose their strong inner convictions and private revelations as science and teach people about it.Since Catholics, Muslims and the rest of the world somehow ends up imitating what American evangelical Christianity does, I do not think the time is far away when the last 300 years of renaissance will give its way back to the dark ages. I think time is not far when taxpayers won’t fund any research in science because Bible has all the answers. There will be no need for any more experiments or scientific exploration once everything science has done will be reinterpreted as faith. Any new question about our universe or any attempt to improve human condition will be stopped by shrugging and saying “It is so, because God did it”.If there is any hope that I have, it is on the Asians (Brown people included). Asians have shown a remarkable ability to preserve a little bit of science (not the scientific method) without proof or testability so that a future renaissance civilizations might pick it up. It is sort of an natural time capsule.This is a war on science from all people. Majority wins. I would like to quote my friend and a devout muslim, Danish Murtaza:

The Western civilization can shove up the paracetamol’s they invented up their asses!  


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