Real Men Don’t Fit Curves

With the advent of cheap computing power and scientific software, much of the scientific pursuit of truth is mostly about “fitting the curve” rather than investigating what actually caused the curve.In the 1880, Johannes Rydberg a high school math teacher found the Rydberg formula which correctly imitated where the spectral lines occur in the spectra of various elements. It was pure numerology. He used the vast amount of experimentally observed accurate spectral line data, and just made a formula to fit the available data. He didn’t even know what caused the spectral lines.It took a Niels Bohr to actually derive the empirical Rydberg formula from his theoretical principles without relying on any experimental data.From what I know, most of the so-called scientists seem to be fitting curves and making empirical models for getting published. And in the paper, they “speculate” about what could be the underlying reality. I don’t think such scientists do any more work that a MATLAB programmer.


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