The Twin Paradox

A pair of twins are usually born within a few minutes of each other. It is not unusual to find one individual of one such pair, who died in accident but the other of old age. I am sure it would not be unusual either, to find a pair in which one won a lottery but the other did not. It would be very easy to find twins with profoundly different lives and fates.

How will an astrologer explain this? Most astrologers, make their predictions based on the times of birth which are far from being accurate to the minute. And by their own admission, astrology works because of the influence of certain celestial bodies being at a certain region in the skies which wide enough to give similar fates to people who were born in the same time although separated by a few minutes.
When this paradox, proposed as challenge to astrologers, they will once again do what what every proponent of pseudo-science does: They will move the “goal post”. I bet they will conjecture a new criterion; something along the lines of how a few minutes can make a lot of difference. 
I’ve had proponents tell me that astrology does not work properly because the exact moment of conception is what matters. But when the “Twin Paradox” is posed to them, they are sure to make up another reason to counter it.
I strongly believe that a poor hypothesis needs to do fast footwork to avoid falsification – to maintain the appearance of a ‘fit’.

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